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DIY | Distressed Boyfriend Jeans
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Feeling crafty this weekend? Today I’m showing you how to rough up a pair of denim to achieve the distressed look we’re seeing everywhere this spring! The best part about distressing a pair of jeans you currently own is the denim is already perfectly worn in — and you can totally customize it to your preference! I’ve owned this pair of jeans for about 6 years, but they’re a little too short for me to wear with heels, so I figured I’d get a lot more wear out of them if I distressed them and cropped them a bit. Voila — now I have the perfect pair of spring boyfriends, and I’ve been wearing them constantly! You only need about an hour and a few tools to complete this DIY (and you probably have the tools at home)! Stay tuned for an easy, illustrated, step-by-step guide to creating a distressed pair of boyfriend jeans yourself.

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